Ran Andrews


Ran Andrews


Ran Andrews is a Canadian contemporary artist, writer and radio personality. His bold, colourful expressionistic style is propelling his popular rise to the top tiers of internationally exhibiting pop artists

His work is currently found in corporate, institutional and private collections in 18 countries worldwide.

Well Known Quotes

Creative artists are mankind's awakeners: through the language of metaphor we are the summoners of the outward mind to conscious contact with our inner selves as spirit. (Ran Andrews)

The function of the contemporary artist is to crystallize the popular mythology of the times in which he lives. (Ran Andrews)

From The Painters Keys Resource of Art Quotations

I suppose the best description of Rans production to date would be diverse multi-media. After a lifetime of eclectic work encompassing the full spectrum of the visual arts he has become internationally known for his creative graphic art, book design, new media and in the last few years his bold, vibrantly colourful expressionist paintings... Artists Without Frontiers, London UK 2003

Some Exhibitions:

Celebrating 100 Artists - ARTISTS HAVEN GALLERY - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Carnavale Exhibition GALLERIA D'ARTE III MILLENNIO San Marco, Venezia, Italia

Ran3 The Art of Ran Andrews in 3 Styles SPIRIT GALLERY St John's, Canada

Expressionists of the New Century CULTURAL CAPITAL CELEBRATION St John's, Canada

Batik Show SALA BARNA Barcelona, Espana

Bienalle di Firenza, Firenza, Italia



The Clown by Ran Andrews


Mark Webber R B R Charging 2008 by Ran Andrews


Electric Zebra Black by Ran Andrews


Once in a Blue Moon by Ran Andrews


Aston Martin Wins Le Mans 2008 by Ran Andrews


Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion 2008 by Ran Andrews


iphone therefore i am by Ran Andrews


Another Blue Moon by Ran Andrews


Labrador Blue Mountain by Ran Andrews


Robert Kubica Wins F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2008 by Ran Andrews


Fernando Alonso Wins Monaco for McLaren 2008 by Ran Andrews


Force India Rising in F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2008 by Ran Andrews


Aston Martin Wins Le Mans 2008 Pop by Ran Andrews


Question Everything by Ran Andrews


soundscape 44 by Ran Andrews


Beethoven Classique One Radio Paris by Ran Andrews


Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion Pop by Ran Andrews


soundscape 26 by Ran Andrews


F1 RBR At The Brazilian Grand Prix by Ran Andrews


SOUNDSCAPE 8 by Ran Andrews


Chaton Sauvage Wild Kitten by Ran Andrews


F1 Alonso Wins Monaco 2008 Pop 2 by Ran Andrews


Sargasso Siren by Ran Andrews


soundscape 17 by Ran Andrews


Contemplating Re-Tox by Ran Andrews